Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy Crap

Saturday was by far one of the most difficult rides I have been on since the new year. Up to this point Most of my riding has been sub 50 miles. The short rides during the week have been fairly intense quick rides in zone 4 while the longer rides are zone 2-3 rides ranging between 40-50 miles. This ride, THIS ride, ended up being 60 miles. I consulted (greatest website ever) before my ride, but of course didn't write my route down. Anyone who knows me knows that I get lost easily, and after turning left onto Tujunga Canyon Rd. after descending La Tuna it was like any day on new roads for me. I took a fast descent heading east on Foothill Dr. then a right onto Oro Vista and another right onto Whiteworth rd. I should have known from the speed of the descent on Foothill that the ascent back up Whiteworth was going to be difficult, but of course the the jubilation caused by the descent wiped my memory once I turned onto Oro Vista. Climbing straight 12% grade roads with stop signs every block is a blast. I recommend it for anyone. I guess this lost up and down through Tujunga was ok. I missed the first climb of the day because of the fire in Griffith Park. So this climbing made up for it. Plus some. By the time I got to Pennsylvania I thought I had popped. I had set a quick pace for the first 30 miles of the ride because I got a trademark late start (12:00p.m.) I could feel my legs starting to cramp on Berkshire as I was heading to the Rosebowl. I took a quick break at the base of Lida and then took a slow pace up and over Lida, keeping my cadence between 60 and 65 rpm's while in my 36-19. (I like to muscle short climbs like that, it hurts less right?) Anyway... after grinding it out over shit hill I coasted home, cracked a beer and passed out on the floor in the air conditioning of my condo. Greatest ride this year. Here's the map. This is what I intended to do. Again, I somehow added 6 miles.

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