Sunday, August 24, 2008

To Harass and Annoy

I thought a long time before writing this for fear of offending friends of mine who are in law enforcement, but then I decided, "hey, it's not those guys who did this" so here you go. I mean, I love law enforcement. Every interaction I've ever had with the police has been completely fair and awesome, and quite frankly this last one was right on par...

The General Service Officers in Griffith Park suck. I've now had 3 run-in's with these guys. This last one was awesome. We were riding up this Griffith Park dr. from the travel town side and a General Services Officer nearly clips me and one other rider in our group. Now, in his defense were were passing a walker, and we were on bikes, riding and there was a completely clear and open road ahead of him... The other two times were basically the same. There has been pretty constant construction in the bike lanes through out the park. twice I was making my way around traffic cones when there was General Services Officers behind me HONK SIRENS "Get back in the bike lane"... Thanks. So if there are any General Service Officers reading this... Well, so far you guys kind of suck.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah the General Service Officers generally do suck. I have had my run in with them. I hope they do not go commercial with park. Griffith Van Griffith grandson of Col. Griffith Jenkins is pushing to get the park historic-cultural monument status to protect it from the City of L.A. The city of L.A. wants to charge people to get into certain part of the park. They want to add restaurants/cabins and other nonsense which will bring more traffic and ultimately ruin this great park. But a big middle finger to the General Service Officers they have a big attitude.