Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gina Perry is a Retard

A Century ride wouldn't be a Century ride if you don't get lost, and to that a 15 rides blog post wouldn't be a 15 Rides blog post if it were reporting something in a prompt and timely fashion. This was brought to my attention last week, however I've been busy stomping noobs getting thrashed in Bad Company so... sorry, it's a bit late.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful city. I've seen pods of dolphins making their way up the coast while enjoying perfect weather after a leisurely bike ride. Santa Barbara has everything, beautiful town centers, art walks, incredible views, beaches and mountains.

It also is home to tawdry college co-eds and the highest STD rates in the country, or so I've heard. Aside from those two minor distractions it's also home to Gina Perry, a complete and total retard. Gina isn't happy being a retard in her own retarded way, she insists on pushing her retarded views on others by publishing poorly written op-ed pieces in The Daily Sound

I've included her commentary here for your enjoyment... and by enjoyment I mean "forthcoming rage and anger"

Since the invention of the automobile, bicycling on city roads has been a dicey proposition.

On Tuesday night, I attended the first half of a City Council meeting to hear arguments for and against the reconstruction of the De la Vina wye intersection (which would cost the city a minimum of $250,000).

The main argument for changing the intersection appeared to center around bicyclist safety and was championed at the meeting by members of a group called the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. Having never heard of this group, I looked them up on the internet.

According to their website, the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition advocates “a community where bicycles and other non-motor vehicle options are the norms for healthy transportation and recreation.” Additionally, the website states an organizational belief that more bicycle riders on the roads will have a calming effect on motorists.

To be honest, calm is the last adjective I’d use to describe my emotions when I have to change lanes during rush hour to avoid hitting a bicyclist who is taking up half of my lane.

Persons who ride bicycles on heavily traveled roadways impede intended traffic flow, cause congestion, and are a danger to themselves and others.

Consider the following: A Chevrolet Suburban (a mid-sized vehicle if you consider the size and weight of trucks and buses traversing city roadways) weighs about eight thousand pounds. Conservatively speaking, so does an African elephant. The average bicycle weighs between 20 and 40 pounds - the size of your average toddler.

An adult who allowed a toddler to play with an elephant would be considered unreasonable (on a good day) by most community standards. Adults who choose to dance with elephants must be aware – at some level I would think - of the perilous position in which they place their lives.

A bicyclist who has trouble navigating congested and heavily traveled city streets should seek an alternate and safer route to his destination. (In Santa Barbara, there is always more than one way to get to where you want to go.)

The City Council, perhaps smarting from taxpayer outrage over a city employee wage increase and the purchase of a $60,000 parking enforcement gadget when the city is bleeding red ink, decided to table the measure. Good move.

Reconstructing intersections will not make busy streets significantly safer for bicyclists.

Instead, the City should require bicyclists riding within city limits to travel alternate routes during heavy traffic hours and/or avoid heavily traveled roadways altogether unless absolutely necessary.
Think about it. It’s a win-win and it won’t cost a dime.
Win-Win for who? You and other spoiled Psuedo-Environmentalists? I see your point, segregate the minority and all of the problems for the majority get solved... win win indeed. I think some other retarded white people tried segregation in the south with some popular success... oh wait.

Restricted routes totally make a ton of sense, (except for the illegality of it) as I'm sure by "alternative routes" she means "The beach path" which totally leads to every where you need to go in Santa Barbara right? Any way, once you start "segregating" bicycle traffic it doesn't stop. What really impedes traffic flow is Chevy Suburbans that are driven by tarts who are texting while driving on their way to the gym after picking up a frappe' mochachino. And what's up with "your emotions...?" That sounds like a personal problem, which they have meds for. I have personal problems too, but I don't insist that ridiculous laws be passed because of them. Gina Perry writes a political column for the Daily Sound that appears Thursdays. She can be reached here: E-mail the retard Gina Perry by clicking this link

I'd like to apologize to the intellectually challenged. I in no way intend for any intellectually challenged individual to feel like they are comparable to this deplorable human being.


RLT said...

Excellent comment. I ran across your post in the course of responding to another retarded commentary from Ms. Perry posted today (May 7; Disease brought by illegal aliens). As a fellow cyclist, I appreciate you taking the time to point out the ignorance of people such as Ms. Perry.

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