Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lazy Sunday

When I say Sunday I mean the whole last week. I made a decision to put of the intense training for 2008 until July due to this imaginary time line I have in my head. Until then I decided that I would keep doing relatively the same amount of miles while slowly picking up the intensity each week. This means about 45-55 miles every saturday, 20 on sunday, and 15-20 periodically through out the week. After making this decision I sat my ass down on the couch and watched some TV. then I got up and made myself a drink. Vodka. I recommend it for anyone trying to numb the pain of failure caused by laziness. I tried to get on the bike Monday and Tuesday but just couldn't. I tried yesterday too but for some reason couldn't then either. I WILL get on the bike today, but my usual ride up and around the hills above the Rose Bowl just isn't going to happen. Maybe I'll go do Griffith Park or something. Then after that I think I'll go polish off the rest of that Kettle One vodka I have, so it won't tempt me any more. Better go get some cranberry juice.

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