Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why am I such a jock?

Remember that guy you went to college with who used to go to parties and get really drunk and loud and want to fight everybody? I'm that guy. Or at least I feel like that when I get on my bike. Every time I go out and ride I just can't leave it alone, I see someone way out in front of me and I have to chase them down. I HAVE TO!!! I'm like a dog that only knows one trick. When I catch up I'm so spent usually that I just cut my workout time in half. Then all I can do is sit on the poor guys wheel for a while to rest up. Well, at least I still got an hour and a half in. I rode around Griffith Park, the studios and up and down Trash Can Hill twice. It was a good work out. good and fast. So much for taking it easy.

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