Sunday, March 30, 2008

A clarification

My last ride report blog entry raised a few questions from friends of mine, and spurred some debate as to my attitude towards cyclists in general. It called in to question my dedication to the sport, and my attitudes about all people who get on with two wheels. I listened to those concerns and questions and felt that my personal feelings and attitudes needed some clarification.

I am viciously loyal to the sport of cycling. In that, I have an inherent concern for the well being and happiness of all cyclists, which includes everyone from the super flashy racer guy to the guy who rides his bike because he doesn't have a car, to the little kid who's getting on a bike with training wheels for the first time. I love all things bike, and despite what I may write or what I may say, I'm just happy that you are getting on your bicycle and riding around sometimes... regardless of how far or how fast you go. I try to do as much as I can to help people feel more comfortable on the road, and to do as much for the sport as I can and I realize that sometimes my methods can be a bit, how do you say... abrasive?

I know that I'm a big jerk, people tell me that all the time. I'm a douche bag, and a lot of times that comes out when I write. I see things that I don't agree with and I put those offenders on blast almost immediately. I have a razor sharp wit and I'm not afraid to use it, much to the chagrins of many. The last piece I wrote was about some specific riders that I happened across at the Solvang Century. If it was you that I was writing about you would know it because I said something to you at the ride. Something to the tune of "Quit fighting me for this wheel" or "Quit cutting me off" or " If I say 'On your left' 6 times and you still don't move off the yellow line you're a jerk" or "Watch out" something to that tune. So if you read my ride report about Solvang and you thought that maybe it was about you please know that it wasn't, unless I spoke with you specifically. So if you were at all offended by my last piece, I'm really sorry.

To all my regular readers, and to anyone who may happen across this blog, please know that all I really want in life from all of you is for you to get on your bike and ride. Ride as for as long as you want, and go as far as you want. But just get on your bike. And then when you're done, remember that you're a part of this culture just as much as I am or as any other cyclist is. And if you ever run into me on the road and I'm a jerk to you, or you feel like I was rude to you, please let me know.




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Dougal said...

I too am a fellow jerk. Don't sweat it man! Only a jackass or retard would not understand the tongue and cheek aproach of your previous race report, because at the end you also poked fun at yourself. Don't let the Anonymous comments deter you from continueing to be a jerk with sharp wit when you write. It is what makes your blogs fun to read!