Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alley Cat Death in Chicago... bad for everyone.

People dying always sucks. I'll start by saying that so no one thinks I'm being insensitive. What's worse is people who are cyclists dying. For those who don't know, I write things about stuff sometimes and most of that usually has to do with cycling and things related to cycling. This post is no different. There was some news that hit the wire in Chicago, and I felt it required some attention... It already got some attention thanks to the local news in Chicago, and internet friend and journalist extroidinaire Andrew Vontz. He brought this to my attention today at work when I was busy doing a lot of stuff that has everything to do with my work. You should click the above link and read.

But if you can't, I'll give you a quick run down. There was this alley cat in Chicago. Alley cat's are basically illegal messenger races that run through city streets. As a broad generalization, alley cat races typically don't stop for anyone or anything and they usually don't stop for Red lights. Now, I'm all for cyclists getting the right of way and having the right to the road and all that, but alley cat racing is fucking crazy. I'll never do it, and I don't recommend it for anyone. Anyway, Matt Manger-Lynch was leading this particular alley cat race, then runs a red light without looking, gets hit by an SUV and dies.

The organizer of the race, Alex Wilson, was quoted as saying: "To blame the victim for dying such a tragic death I think is an injustice. And I think it's an injustice that our culture is so embedded into auto use and the convenience of autos that we are willing to let our friends and loved ones be killed,"

"Willing to let our friends and loved ones be killed" It's great that Matt's friend turned his death into an agenda speech.

What is that supposed to mean anyway? that makes almost no sense, except for the comment about the victim being a victim since he did die. Other than that, it makes about as much sense as my 3 year old god daughter, wait... no she makes more sense. I think the rider was probably to blame, since no one forced him to ride in that race, and no one made him run that red light without looking both ways, but regardless of who's fault it is it does suck that he died regardless of the circumstance.

We do have an Auto-centric culture in America, and I do think that's wrong. But just because it's wrong doesn't mean I get to roll through traffic like I run shit, I mean I can, but there will most likely be consequences...regardless of whose fault it is.

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Dougal said...

Yeah, I always think that crazy fixed gear no laws apply to me cycling shit is total douchebaggery. I try to be very careful when I'm driving, always checking my right mirror for cyclists and shit...but the way they ride weaving in and out of traffic, between cars and running lights, I'm worried that I could hit one...