Thursday, May 8, 2008

Diane Feinstein Rules

I've always been under the assumption that our elected leaders have a wholesale policy of ignoring they're constituents and doing what the lobbies and corporations want them to do. Despite getting a degree with the intention of becoming a Speech Writer, I'd become increasingly disillusioned with the state of American Politics. A while back I wrote letters to California's Senators and my Representative about the bicycle tax break being left out of the Energy bill. I got typical boxed responses. I wrote a blog about it saying "Thanks" in a typically sarcastic tone...

But the other day something happened that changed my mind. I received a letter from Diane Feinstein regarding the letter I had written informing her of my disgust about the bike tax break being left out. The letter was even signed by hand. This leads me to believe that either Diane, or probably more likely one of her Aids read my letter. Needless to say I was pretty shocked.

California has always been a very progressive state, and I really think if we work together and make the push with our lawmakers we can begin make some changes, if even small ones on a national scale.

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