Monday, May 5, 2008

It's May! Ride Your Damn Bike!! Then tell me about it!!!

When I started writing this blog I thought to myself that I should do something significant in the month of May since there is a "Ride your Bike to Work Week" embedded somewhere in there. This fact gives me license to call May "Bike Month" whether it is or not. So, since this blog is about cyclists rights, and so much of it is focussed on cyclist/motorist interaction I thought it would be great to have my readers write in with stories about the problems riders have had with cars and the moron's that drive them. Then I thought "Man, that's going to be a buzz kill, 30 day's of stories about cyclists being molested by bad drivers".

Then today I though to myself as I was thinking about a ride that I did when I was a kid "I should have my readers write about their all time most memorable ride". I decided that this was a much better idea. So if you're a reader reading this blog, and you can think of a great ride, the greatest ride ever in your entire life, you should write me and tell me about it. I'll write an entry in a bit, but you all should write some too. If you have pictures from that greatest ride ever you should send it to me also.

So that's it. Ride your Damn Bike! Ride it every day this month. Do it! Do it now!!!

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