Thursday, September 4, 2008

As the Wheel Turns...

Get it? As the "Wheel" turns? Like the soap opera, only for bike stuff? Get it? Nevermind. Anyway... Here's some news from around the Internets box.

Politicians Get Around...On Two Wheels
Freewheelin and Bikes belong partnered to bring 1,000 free bikes to both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. They managed to gather bikes from Trek, Raleigh and a few other companies to contribute bicycles to the effort.

Here are the totals for both conventions:
Total number of rides: 7,523
Total miles: 41,724
Total Estimated Calories burned: 1,293,429
Total reduction in Carbon Footprint for Convention: 14.6 Metric Tons

So which Political party contributed more? I don't know This is a non partisan site.

Cyclists Still Getting Run Over
This tragedy being the most obvious, cyclists are still getting run down by motorists every day. Cyclist's getting hit is an unfortunate but regular thing, and it happens to all kinds of folks, even West Virginia's First Lady. Aparently Gov. Joe Manchin was out on a ride with his Wife when she was hit by a motorist pulling onto the road.

This is Cool
Apparently the state of California is looking at ways to incentivize more people to ride bikes, which would be good since since bicycling has a carbon footprint of just about zero. Many options have been considered, including rewriting the laws to allow cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs. There's some more information here. Now, some folks would like you to think this means that you can just "Run" stop signs and red lights whenever you feel like it, which is not the case. You still have to yield the right of way if there are cars present, it's only allowed if you are the only vehicle there.

Well, that's it for now.

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