Wednesday, September 10, 2008

D-bag Report: Carlsbad D-bag on the Rampage!!!

This last weekend saw the Amtrak Century completed with minimal incident and maximum fun. The ride all in all was a success and very enjoyable. There isn't anything I would have changed about the event, it's planning, support or execution. What I would have changed though was the interaction with this Douche bag in Carlsbad...

Here's what went down. As my group was making our way though Carlsbad we were using the bike lane, which was wedged between a curb with a railing on the right, and a two lane road on the left, which can be easily seen in the photo below. What can also be seen is that this "bike lane" is actually treated as a "multi use lane" which includes pedestrians, longboarders and weirdos riding pocket bikes. "Multi use" in Carlsbad also means that you should throw your trash, empty Corona bottles and wooden debris in the lane as well.

I took this picture to show where we were riding in the lane, who was riding in the lane with us, and the two traffic lanes to the left. This picture was taken slightly after the incident though. We were having to maneuver in and out of the bike lane to avoid some sections of broken glass and other debris, as well as maneuvering to pass other cyclists. So as we were out of the bike lane for a few moments a driver behind us would lay on the horn, in a pretty aggressive manner. I figured it was the Honda, but it passed us kindly using the #2 lane, and as he had passed the honking continued. I looked back trying to see who the culprit was. Soon, a Lexus SUV charged up to us, not giving a full lane thus squeezing us back into the bike lane. The driver yelled "It's called a bike lane Asshole! use it" and sped off passing the rest of my group with little room to spare.

I've included this second image to show you who the aggressive driver was. I cropped the picture to make sure there could be no question as to which car it was that had harassed us.

Notice the green arrows indicating what was on top of his car, and the blue arrows used to demonstrate what my group was doing. That's right, we were harassed by not only an overly aggressive driver, but one who poses as a cyclist to try and create some kind of rift in the community. Now, I've seen D-bag motorists posing as cyclists on message boards saying things like "I'm an avid cyclist, but you shouldn't expect to get to share the road with cars, just take the bike path" and so on, but never in my time have I ever seen a D-bag motorist go as far as to put on a cycling jersey and place two bikes on the roof of his gas guzzling SUV to impersonate a cyclist. This D-bag is totally committed to undoing our community with his attempt to create some kind of "Reverse Sympathy" for motorists who have to wait an extra 15 seconds while some cyclists try to safely navigate around an obstacle. An "Avid Cyclist" would never behave in such a way, which makes me sure that this D-bag was DEFINITELY NOT A CYCLIST.

Which led me to wonder just how far this imposter would go? Would he ever hurt a real cyclist? I don't know. So just in case I figured I better warn our community about a blue Lexus with this license plate:

Ride carefully dear friends. And watch out for D-bag motorists.

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