Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Here we have a truly awesome video. 37 cyclists were detained on the 6th of September by over 15 police officers and 14 squad cars. Why? Obviously there must have been some major trouble making right? You're right my keen and observant reader, about 5 dollars worth of allegedly stolen beer...

Now I'm sure there are people being murdered, women being raped and children being molested/kidnapped somewhere in L.A. but I'm also sure that most of those victims are Black or Hispanic so this high profile crime gets obvious priority. I especially like how one of the officers has all of the cyclists line up after a few minutes like it's for a class photo so he can give them a good old fashion scolding. Good to see L.A.'s finest hard at work. I'm not sure but this seems to feel a bit like harassment.

14 squad cars and 37 people searched for $5 of allegedly shoplifted beer from LAPD illegallysearches on Vimeo.

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