Thursday, July 16, 2009

Possible Pickle Industry/Dave Zabriskie "Colabo"???

It can't be all bad all the time right? Found this today as I was leaving the office. The cleaning people seem to have commandeered what was a pickle storage container.

The container led me to believe that the Pickle industries has tapped Dave Zabriskie as an industry spokesperson after the success of his groinal support product DZNutz. I snapped this spy photo, which proves beyond listless wonder and fanciful speculation that it is in fact the resulting product of a Pickle industry/Dave Zabriskie Colabo. Titled simply DZ Pickles.
"What Pickles?"
"Dz Pickles!".

It always made sense to me (but not to Lance) that DZ Nutz would be plural, however in this case it seems a bit weird that "Pickles" is plural, unless these are pickles that are meant for shower time after Paris-Roubaix. Whatever though... anything cycling related gets my money.

Now get back to work.

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