Monday, July 20, 2009


I know this isn't really advocacy related, but it is cycling related because it's my friend Jeff and Jeff's a cyclist and since this is my blog I can write about whatever I want, so there. Jeff recently lost his son Pablo to a type of Cancer called Wilm's Tumor. Pablo actually had Bi-Lateral Wilm's Tumor, meaning not one, but both of his kidney's were affected by the cancer. You hear about people discovering cancer at stage 4, Doctors caught Pablo's cancer at stage 5, that's right, Wilm's Tumor is the only cancer with 5 stages.

Jeff, his wife and their son have started a foundation called the Pablove foundation which is dedicated to helping the victims of pediatric cancer. I recommend you click and check out what the Pablove foundation is all about. When you're done, please donate. Once you are done with that and have donated and thus feel much better about your day you should read this, written by Jeff, Jo Ann and Grady about their experience over the past 14 months since Pablo was diagnosed in May of 2008. I read a lot of stuff, news, magazines, books, instructions; but this has become a daily reader for me over the past couple months as it's one of the most honest and heartfelt blogs I've ever read. After you've read a few entries you'll feel like everyone is your best friend. Now, I know this is link overload, but click here also, and watch the video of Jeff and Pablo on I've tried embedding a copy of the video here, but I'm not sure if it works.

It's also Important to point out that Jeff is currently planning a ride called "Pablove Across America". I don't have a lot of details yet, other than the fact that it's a ride across America starting in South Carolina and ending here in Los Angeles. As planning for the ride progresses I'll keep you up to date.

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randall said...

What a heart-breaking yet inspirational story. My heart goes out to Pablo's family. I WILL be donating to this foundation in hopes that some day children will not have to worry about living with Cancer... We can create a nuclear bomb, we can put a man on the moon.. for GOD'S SAKE we should be able to find a cure for cancer. - R