Saturday, February 2, 2008

Month in Review

Ahh January. January is the month that gets the ball rolling. January is the month where we actually try to get our resolutions going but usually falter. This January was no different, thing have gotten rolling pretty nicely. Here's a quick rundown of the high lights...

15 Rides up and rolling
The Stagecoach Century is done and over with, training is rolling along nicely. Including Stagecoach, I've ridden 400 miles in January. I've figured out what they mean by "Peaking" now, as the past two weekends of riding has been pretty difficult. Before that though I felt awesome. This weekend... not so much.

Pro Tour up and Running
The lamest organization in cycling since, well, since ever, the pro tour is up and racing. There's been some races with some results in some different places. you can click here
and browse around to find more information on it. Velonews is a pretty good at delivering the straight and narrow.

Motorists are still insensitive
For the 15 people in America who didn't read my blog on the 24th some chick hit and killed a cyclist, then laughed about it over the phone. Then another driver hit and killed a cyclist and sued the victim's family for the damages the victim's body did to his car. Lame.

January Poll results are in
The poll for January is closed. The question was "Should motorists who hit/kill cyclists be prosecuted in criminal court?" The results were 29 to 7 yes. I figured it would be about that, or possibly even more lopsided towards yes due to what my readers are into, which is primarily cycling. The new poll is up, Answer it!

February is upon us
That's right. It's February. There's some stuff going on, you know like rides and stuff. You should get out and do things.

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