Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Resolution

In the past I've always thought new years resolutions were stupid. I'd make them, then forget about them after February. The only one I've kept relatively well was to stop drinking soda, and that is iffy. However on the Highway 39 ride Joseph and I got to talking about New Years resolutions and he had a really good one. He resolved to put more miles on his bike than on his car. This would include mileage that he would accrue going to races, some of which can be hundreds of miles away. I thought this was a great resolution, so great in fact that I decided to copy it. Sorry Joseph, I'm taking your idea.

So for 2008 I resolve to put more miles on my bike than on my car. I'm even going to put a little window on the right to log the total number of miles that I've ridden vs. the miles I've driven. this is going to include all miles, even miles that I'm driving to get to events (including the Death Ride which is over 400 miles away).

I actually think this resolution will be easy for me to do. I found out today that my company is moving it's office to a location that is literally 3/4 of a mile from Griffith Park. This means I'll have a 4-5 mile commute to work, and I'll have ample time to do quick hill repeat rides in the park. I used to do lunch time rides in Azusa when I worked for that printing company, and that was great for my over all fitness. Even if I count my daily commute at 9 miles a day, and multiply that by the number of days worked in a year it's about 2,400 miles.

In fact, I'm actually ahead of the curve already. I did about 27.5 miles on Tuesday, and I rode to work from Corina's house today. So my totals look like this so far.

Bike mileage = 31.65
Car mileage = 0


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Moe said...

Good luck and helmets off to you! I've added you to my blog also, hope you don't mind.