Monday, October 13, 2008

America the Bike Friendly...-ist rated from best to worst

Did you know there are fifty, somewhat autonomous states in the United States of America? I know! I couldn't believe it either... but apparently despite a shadowy federal government system that tells the people it governs that it will stay out if they're business yet passes laws like this the 50 states aren't all exactly the same. Anyway, I digress... According to the League of American Bicyclists Some of those states are more bike friendly than others. I know... crazy right?

Well, posted the news last Monday, further proving that I'm lazy blogger who doesn't deserve his readership. According to the report, which is really just a map of the U.S. with clickable states that then give the states bike-friendly rating and a list of it's cities that get a "metal" rating, platinum through bronze, based on the five "E's"; Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation... all of which added together equals eeeeexciting! (get it? 5 e's in exciting... whatever shut up)

Well, Keep your pants on America, because chances are your state didn't do as well as you think it did (or as poorly for some) unless your Washington (the best) and West Virginia (the worst). Where did my fine state fall in the Rankings you ask? Number 7... Which is quite a bit better than the state where I hail from, Kansas, which ranks like it sits in this great land of ours... smack dab in the middle. Way to go Kansas, way to set those goals just above the worst half of the country... Yay for Mediocrity!

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