Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bikes for Everyone!!! In L.A. atleast.

In a highly progressive move, Los Angeles increased it's Awesomeness potential by passing a motion that requires the Department of Transportation to do stuff, and not in the way it usually does... with one person doing all the work and 4 people standing around watching...

The LAist again showed it's commitment to reporting with a bias towards cool when it dropped an article about the Los Angeles City Council voting unanimously to require the Department of Transportation to "examine the feasibility of creating a bike sharing program in the City of Los Angeles and submit recommendations to the Transportation Committee within 45 days."

The example had been set in such metropolitan areas as Paris, and at the bastions of American politics this year at the DNC and RNC. It's an idea that is quickly catching on as a feasible option for public transportation as gas prices go up and government officials begin to acknowledge a growing problem in global warming. It seems that it would be like the rental cart system at LAX, where you pick the bike up from one location, then drop it off after your done at another location. I for one am extremely happy about this, both as a cyclist and as an environmentalist. The more people we can get on bikes and out of cars the better.

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