Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Freewheelin and Matthew Modine

Have you ever wondered what Matthew Modine is up to? Me neither. As far as I'm concerned Full Metal Jacket was his seminal work and everything else he's done since then has caused him to slide down hill while he grasps for clumps of turtle grass...We'll I thought that until I heard rumors from the blogosphere by way of the magic voodoo internets box that he was somehow involved with bikes and people and politics and kittens and cup cakes and... wait what?

Ok, well, you can read more about it at bikesharing blog. And for those of you who can't read I've included a moving picture clip complete with sound!

Now, really I could do without the silly chant at the end, but to each his own you know? I'm just stoked to see someone is getting involved with the cause who people other than men in tights know about. it's one thing to be a cyclist like Dave Zabriskie telling people to get right, it's another thing to have that one guy from Full Metal Jacket and VisionQuest telling you "Ride your bike!"

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