Thursday, October 16, 2008

Need Something To Do This Saturday Night? Encino Velodrome Fundraiser!!!

One thing I don't talk about very much on this site is partying. In my youth I used to party all the time like it was 1999 and all that stuff. As cycling became more important than drinking and drug use I realized that partying got in the way of my riding... fortunately the kind folks at Site LA have figured out how to get me back into the party scene...

Not that getting a 30 something washed out virtually unknown cycling blogger out to an event was their major priority, nay, instead their motivation has something to do with the Encino Velodrome, and raising money to help it stay in operation. Now, despite having owned two track bikes in my lifetime, I, like most tight jeaned hipsters, have never actually ridden at either "Drome" in the LA/OC area, or anywhere for that matter. No, I prefer to ride by fixies in traffic, balancing precariously while staring into the void of space in a feeble attempt to not fall while I track stand at the intersection. Despite this, I know many people involved with Encino, and I know that it provides something truly awesome for cyclists in L.A. so I'm all for giving it some dough.

I'm also all for you giving it some dough too, so go to the Rock and Roller Party this Saturday night on Sunset Blvd. and drink, race (on the rollers) and be merry!

Here's the link for the info:

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