Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Man... That's Just Mean...

You know there is something wrong with people when you read something like this. 72 year old woman rides her bike to the grocery every day and gets harassed by some jerk. The reason? She parked her bike close to his dog. I know... He must have thought the bike was going to attack the dog or something. Read on, I've reposted the Chronicle Herald Article below:

At 72, she bikes to the grocery store for her fruits and veggies to protect her heart and lungs. She is going through daily radiation therapy in her battle against cancer, but she said only a handful of people, including medical staff, know.

But this independent Halifax senior, who asked that her name not be used, was left shaken and afraid after a man yelled at her and slashed her tires Tuesday afternoon.

The man became angry when she locked her bicycle next to his dog. The owner of the dog "said dogs were more important than bicycles," the woman said.

She said he called her an old lady and he said: "I’m going to let the air out of the tires or slash them."

But she didn’t believe him.

"It doesn’t make sense," the woman said. "If you slash them, then you don’t need to let the air out, and if you let the air out, you can’t slash it."

She left her bike at the rack at Quinpool Centre’s parking lot and went inside the Atlantic Superstore. When she came back out, the dog was still there and her back tire was flat, she said.

She walked her bike and groceries over to nearby Canadian Tire, where the service manager put air in the back tire, and then she rode off. But she said when she got to Welsford Street, she "knew something was wrong with the front wheel."

"I pulled over to the sidewalk and my bicycle had no tire at all in the front wheel, so it couldn’t steer. I fell and the bike fell and I cut my leg and my knee, and I was lying on my stomach."

A man working in a garden nearby came over and helped her up, she said.

Eventually, she saw that the front tire had been slashed. She walked the bike to Jack Nauss Bicycle Shop on Agricola Street. They put on a new tire for her and she rode home.

The woman said she would have parked the bike farther away from the dog, but the bike rack was full.

She said it was a small to medium-sized brown dog. It didn’t have much room at the bike rack because it was on a short leash and she didn’t bump into it or touch the pooch, she said.

"It wasn’t that I bothered the dog. It was just that he (the owner) went crazy and said I shouldn’t be in there, bikes shouldn’t be in there because it should be for dogs. I would say he was insane.

"I was by the door and I said to him, ‘If Mr. Roberts, the store manager, was here, you wouldn’t be able to behave like that.’ That’s all I said to him. I never argued with him."

Const. Brian Palmeter, a Halifax Regional Police spokesman, said the woman reported the "nasty, unfortunate situation" to police on Tuesday night. At this point, the case doesn’t seem to be linked to any other crimes, he said.

Officers will interview the woman and those in nearby businesses "to see if they have any video footage, or any idea who this male may be (or) if he may be a regular," Const. Palmeter said.

Police hope anyone who saw what happened will come forward.

The elderly bicyclist wants to find out who this man is. She said he is white, in his 30s, has short curly hair and "I would know him again if I saw him."

But she isn’t planning any more solo shopping trips. "I’m afraid to go back there in case he does something more."
Real Nice huh? The bike rack shouldn't be for bikes, it should be for dogs, because its... you know a bike rack. Yea.


Dawn Garcia said...

It just goes to show you how apathetic people are. It is cause for a "be kind to others" movement! Poor lady, she needs a hug ...

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