Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Modeling... It's Hard Work

Many of you may not know, but I'm actually a retired, world famous male model. You'll never see me in photo spreads, nay, I only worked the runway. But lo I retired many years ago, fed up with the champagne lunches and Hollywood parties with movie stars. I retired to focus on cycling, and being a recruiter, which are my two true loves in life. I've always thought that since I'm a cyclist now, and I do so many ridiculous rides that cover some ridiculous lengths of road that everything else that I would have to do in life would be that much easier; since everything else would be judged in the framework of "well I rode 107 miles and climbed 9800 ft. so this should be cake" You know what I'm saying? So on Sunday morning when I got a call from Julian to come out and do a top secret photo shoot I thought to myself, Meh... this will give me a chance to get in a 10-12 mile recovery ride and then sit around with friends all afternoon. It'll be cool, not stressful like runway work. Despite having given up modeling to focus on cycling and my career full time I decided to help out. So I rubbed some baby oil on to give myself a nice glisten and rode over to Julian's condo. We chatted for a bit, he showed me what they were trying to do, gave me my motivation and a cold glass of still Gerolsteiner water with 4 ice cubes... just the way I like it. The photographer Woke up from his nap and was like "Is the talent here? Oh, why yes!" upon spotting me, calves and quadriceps shimmering in the early afternoon sun. There must have been some kind of miscommunication since my limo wasn't there and instead we all piled in a couple cars and headed over to Pasadena, it was OK though, I like these guys so I let it slide. We took some chill shots on the road that crosses under the 134 overpass and suicide bridge, and then we rolled over to Buster's coffee and shot some over there. Now, I know what you think, chill shots right? easy right? wrong. We're all sitting there absolutely baking in the sun, it was tough to sit and sip my mocha and look stunning, believe you me. And this establishment DIDN'T have still Gerolsteiner!

After much mocha sippage we piled back in the cars and headed over to Griffith Park. We drove up Fern Dell and parked, then rolled up one of the restricted roads behind the observatory. At this point Joseph had joined the group, and promptly began making me look bad as he really seemed to be keen on what looks good on Camera. He was over emphasised every move as he descended down the hill. Whatever though, I was trying to keep things low key and natural, and not let strikingly good looks overwhelm the shot and mute the rest of the group. I'm wicked sexy, and I look good on the bike. So we shot some descending shots, some climbing shots, and then Joseph and I rode up this dirt path like a thousand times and I was all like "Where's my still Gerolsteiner with 4 ice cubes?!?!"

After the Dirt road set we rode down to the cars and headed out. Except we had to wait a little since Joseph had locked his keys in his car. We went back to Julian's ate, took a couple more shots, and then I hitched a ride home as it was pretty dark. All in all though it was a pretty successful shoot. It's not often these days that someone can draw a retired male model of my caliber out of retirement, so everyone should feel pretty special. Because I'm awesome to the awesomest degree.

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