Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spot on Lads... Spot on.

I remember this one time that I was watching one of those crappy early morning talk/news shows for some reason. They were talking about some story about some guy and some crazy crazy circumstances and the hoops he had to jump through to right the situation. The very tall, very blond anchor then made the comment, "Wow, It's like, like a Reality Game Show!" Insert grumble, furl brow and rub eyes in disbelief. Since then I've been keeping a vigilant and socially critical eye open for examples of "Reality Copying Art"...

And so today, as I went through my pre-work morning ritual of checking various blogs and news outlets I came across quite a gem on Film Drunk, a blog usually reserved for movie stuff. I guess it works though since he was kind of knockin' Brett Ratner by saying that these unknown dudes from what appears to be California (food rating in the window tips it off) did something cooler than Brett did when he over payed Kobe Bryant to dance around in his underwear a la "Risky Business". And it is better, in my opinion... But whatever, I'm no expert on movies and TV and commercials or even video games. I'm just stoked that some kids who somehow managed to get bored of video games did something cool instead of getting jacked on some homemade Jankem

Watch the full video in all it's awesomeness below
(Note the flashing lights on the handlebars)

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