Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What About Something Like This

Many cities and municipalities across the United States have been looking seriously at increasing infrastructure for bicycles and bicycling. But one of the important elements that have been missing in many of the equations is the education element. Many communities work under the assumption that if they paint some extra lines on the road then "Problem solved"...

Throwing infrastructure solutions at bicycle integration is great, everyone knows I'd be stoked if there were bike lanes and bike paths that shadowed every road in the U.S. but the problem is bigger than that. There is also the massive issue of ideas and mores, habits and practices. This is an issue that needs work on both sides, not just motorists but also with cyclists as well. There does need to be greater education for bicycling, but there especially needs to be more education for motorists, and how to negotiate the roadway with a growing cycling community using them. It appears that the English County of Lambeth is implementing a training programs for bus and truck drivers about the hazards cyclists face when sharing the road with these monstrosities. Bike Radar has the full story, and I think this seems like a good start.

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