Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Will All of This Mean for Cycling?

For those of you who have been living in caves and have only now come out there was an election and the candidate with the very socially progressive outlook won. Which is great unless your not into progress, and into sending things back 50 years like some folks are, but whatever, The socially progressive guy won, and it makes me wonder...

What will all of this mean for cycling? Will things change drastically or will things stay basically the same? I'd like to think, that with the economy in a spot of trouble, oil prices fluctuating wildly, and the populations health out spiraling downward, that things will change for the better for cycling. And aside from the small amount I spend on thinking, I spend the rest on hope, hope that pictures like this:

are in indicator of the positive change that is speeding down the road

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